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About Charmed
Chicken Media

Are you a publishing company?
Charmed Chicken Media is a publishing company. However, we only publish books that our founder and owner are involved in or have written. We do not publish outside authors, nor do we have any plans to expand back into the publishing arena.
Where can I buy your books?

Charmed Chicken Media sells at Charmed Chicken (nonfiction by Mary Caelsto), Mary Caelsto‘s author website, and Mary Winter‘s author website, which includes the pen names Adera Orfanelli and W.M. Kirkland.

In addition, books are sold at major vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, All Romance Ebooks/Omnilit, Smashwords, iBooks, and others. You are encouraged to visit the author’s website for links to major vendors for each individual book.

Can you help me publish my book?

Unscramblet Author Solutions offers editing, formatting, and cover design services for before the book is published. After the book is published, we offer author support services including sending books for reviews, blog tour booking, and general author assistance. We encourage you to check out the website and see how we can help you with your books.

Mary Winter
Adera Orfanelli
W.M. Kirkland

What genres do Mary Winter, Adera Orfanelli, and W.M. Kirkland write?

Mary Winter and Adera Orfanelli write erotic romance in a variety of genres and parings including historical, contemporary, futuristic, and fantasy.

W.M. Kirkland writes gay male erotic romance exclusively.

Didn't Mary Winter retire?

Due to a variety of factors including severe burnout and health issues, from approximately 2011-2016, Mary Winter did stop writing. However, she is currently working on some story ideas at her own pace and hopes to be able to release new books by the end of 2017.

Mary Caelsto
What does Mary Caelsto write?

Mary Caelsto writes nonfiction and in the past has written sweet (known as Clean & Wholesome) romances, sometimes with a spiritual element.

Her nonfiction focuses on writing and publishing, chicken keeping, farming, and her work with the Mindful Food Way.

Jupiter Gardens Press
About Jupiter Gardens Press

Jupiter Gardens Press operated from July 2007 to August 2016 and published nonfiction and fiction books.

Do you have any plans to reopen?

No. Jupiter Gardens Press closed due to several factors including shifts in the market, the owner’s health, as well as the owner’s full belief that in the publishing industry as it is today, there’s nothing a small press can do for an author who is business-savvy, promoting her works, and moving forward. And since those are the types of authors that all small presses want…well, the author doesn’t need the small press anymore.

Can I still buy Jupiter Gardens Press books?

Please contact the author to find out where the book is available. All rights have been returned to the authors and Jupiter Gardens Press no longer sells any books.